Porcelain tiles & Paving slabs

porcelain tiles slab

One of the best option for your floor is Porcelain glazed tiles, decor your floor with the various varieties and colors.

Paving slabs and tiles are available in different patterns and designs. Visit top 10 tiles manufacturers company in morbi and choose best tiles with black and white, blue and many others colors.

This article describes the technology for laying paving slabs with your own hands. The instructions will help to equip a beautiful and durable pedestrian path, playground or parking space for a car at home or in the countryside. At the same time, you can simplify work and avoid common installation errors. Explore the paving slabs and tiles now.

Advantages and disadvantages of paving slabs
Paving slabs are a beautiful modern material, often used to improve homes and public areas. This is due to the following advantages:

  • the compressive strength of the sample allows the coating to be operated under significant loads
  • high decorative features (you can choose the material for implementing any architectural idea)
  • variety of shapes and colors
  • different thicknesses allow choosing the material for pedestrian traffic or constant traffic
  • 200 cycle frost resistance (class F200 and higher) ensures durability when used in adverse weather conditions
  • resistance to extremes of temperature, UV radiation, humidity and other factors
  • the absorption of water of no more than 6% by volume guarantees the resistance of the material when exposed to storms and defrost water
  • the ability to ride on different types of soil
  • abrasion of up to 0.4 g / cm2 allows the use of the coating in areas with high pedestrian traffic
  • maintenance (if repair is needed anywhere, the elements can be removed and moved again)
  • the possibility of installation between trees without damaging the root system
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • relatively simple installation technology, without the need for concrete work, the use of bulky crane equipment and complex tools
  • long service life (from 15 years).

Porcelain tiles for floor at afforadable rates.

The disadvantages of paving stones include:

  • laboriousness in the installation of small parts materials
  • the possibility of the coating sinking over time (this disadvantage is compensated by the correct laying of paving slabs in the country)
  • the formation of ice makes the coating slippery.
  • The characteristics depend on the material’s manufacturing technology, which must be taken into account when choosing it.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages:

Compression involves filling the mold with an initial semi-dry mixture, followed by exposure to vibration. This makes it possible to compact the material, remove air from it, eliminate voids. In addition, the mixture is exposed to the punch, which compresses it, forming a finished product with increased resistance characteristics. The method can be used not only to obtain a monochromatic material, but also in the production of multicolored wooden porcelain tiles, hyperpressing is performed only by puncture pressure. The impact can be applied on one or both sides. In the latter case, greater homogeneity of the material’s properties is guaranteed along the cross section of the tile, involves processing the mixture in molds on a vibrating table and later aging under special conditions, which provides greater resistance, frost resistance and durability of the products compared to a vibrocast analogue.

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